HC Security office solution

Employee monitoring software

Employee monitoring software

Protect your business by monitoring employee activity on their work computers. Instantly detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and productivity loss.
  • Screen, webcam, microphone, worktime monitoring
  • Multi-screen, online, offline modes
  • Remote control, external archive viewer
  • Connection through LAN, Internet
  • Upto 1000 employees PCs per 1 admin PC

Version 3.0
DateJune 20, 2018


Filesize4 MBytes

Free trial30 days

HR Security home solution

Computer monitoring software

Home PC's monitoring software

Automatically saves desktop screenshots and webcam snapshots
to disk at the specified time intervals, records voice from microphone.
The screenshots can later be viewed with the built-in image viewer.

Version 1.12
DateMay 4, 2012


Filesize1.2 MBytes

Free trial15 days