HC Security

HC Security office solution

Desktop monitoring software
Keep Track of Employee Desktops for Higher Productivity and Stronger Security
  1. Oleansoft HC Security software is a simple and extremely effective employee monitoring software that increases productivity several folds by eliminating any PC activity not directly related to work.
  2. This is how HC Security works – after the software is installed, an admin (supervisor, business owner) can see what’s going on the employees PC monitors (active window or full-screen) real time. Up to 1000 user PCs are supported and the program can be set up to automatically save screenshots at specified intervals.
  3. While an admin can continuously monitor employees (which makes sense during training or when an employee is suspected of misconduct), this is truly an exhausting task. Quickly looking through saved screenshots of desktops takes less then 1 minute per employee and can be done by any authorized staff member. Split-screen mode is supported (up to 1000 screens in one simultaneously). The program starts working as soon as monitored PC is being booted.
  4. After the program was originally released, Oleansoft inquired about program effectiveness. It turned out that in all companies that publicly announced implementation of Hidden Camera and demonstrated how it works, there was not a single incident of employees playing games or visiting adult sites.
  5. After other employees got caught and fired for imitating work (for example, by opening Word documents but not actually working with them for hours) the productivity of the rest jumped 25-400%. The knowledge of the fact that an employee could be watched (which should be reinforced infrequently by phone calls, presenting prints of screenshots or making comments) turned out to be enough.
  6. Some companies found other uses for HC Security. The program is being successfully used for remote education and presentations, help-desk services and mutual collaboration on various projects.