Help manual

Control panel

Icon Description
Set a pause. No screen updating, but if the 'RECORD' mode is turn-on, a new screnshots will be saved.
Go to the first archive screenshot
View from 4 to 16 previous archive screenshots in the quick view mode (keyboard Ctrl button + Left arrow)
Go to the previous archive screenshot (keyboard Left arrow)
Go to the next archive screenshot (keyboard Right arrow)
View from 4 to 16 next archive screenshots in the quick view mode (keyboard Ctrl button + Right arrow)
Go to the last archive screenshot
Full-screen mode. Also, you can turn it on with a double click of the left mouse button on the screenshots.
One-screen mode
Split-screen mode: from 4 to 1000 screens in one screen (from 2x2 to 32x32)
Remote control mode, click the F12 button to exit from the mode
Get off-line mp3 audio files in the microphone monitoring mode. You can use the audio file receiver and audio file player.
Send a text message to employee or group of employees
Work time counter
Turn on the 'VIEW ONLY' mode: looking without recording into an archive
Turn on the 'RECORD' mode: looking with recording into an archive
Save the selected screenshot as a jpg file into the selected directory on a disk
Print the selected screenshot
Get off-line screenshots and snapshots. Run the 'External archive viewer' with filters.
Delete the archive screenshots
Hide the 'HC Security Admin' program to tray (keyboard Alt button + H)


X of XX

The current screenshot number and the total quantity of screenshots in the archive.


The 'RECORD' mode – looking and recording screenshots into the archive.
The 'VIEW ONLY' mode – viewing without recording.