Help manual


Employee monitoring software
  • The HC Security (ex. Hidden Camera) software is intended for remote control and observation over computers (office via webcams) in a local network or via Internet with or without recording.
  • You can observe up to 1000 computers (and rooms via webcams) simultaneously in real-time and off-line modes.
  • The product makes snapshots from the webcams and screenshots of the PCs monitors (full screen or active window, dual-monitor) and saves them with intervals of 2 seconds to 1 hour into an archive that may checked any time you wish.
  • You can record voice through microphones and then play any mp3 audio file anytime.
  • The off-line work time counter allows to see all statistic information about work time of any employee.
  • Each screenshot may be saved as a graphic file and printed out. The full-screen mode allows for you to feel as if you are sitting in front of the monitor you observe.
  • Also, you can send any text messages to employees or group of employees.
  • Split-screen mode is supported (up to 1000 screens in one simultaneously).
  • You can create groups of employees (up to 25 groups).
  • Password protection for safety is supported.

Main features
  1. Supports up to 1000 employees PCs simultaneously from one admin's PC
  2. Real time and off-line modes
  3. Supports USB web cameras for office / room monitoring
  4. Microphone listening, the software creates mp3 audio files, online/offline modes
  5. Record and View modes + Slide show
  6. Dual-monitor mode
  7. Capture interval: from 2 seconds to 1 hour
  8. Off-line work time counter
  9. Remote control, 2 modes
  10. Split-screen mode: up to 1000 screens simultaneously in one admin PC's screen (from 2x2 to 32x32)
  11. Groups of employees: up to 25 groups
  12. Network archive folder
  13. Smart capture: the program does not make screenshots while screensaver or low power mode are running, also, it does not transmit the same screenshots
  14. Password protection
  15. Encryption
  16. Text message transmission; Send messages to single employee or group of employees