Help manual

How to work with the employee monitoring program

  1. At first, you need to install the HC Security Employee program on all employees PCs you need, then wait several minutes and you will see how the HC Security Admin program will fill the connection list automatically.
  2. Click by right mouse button on the connection name and choose the Connection properties menu item to change the connection settings.

    Caption Description
    Status Set the Active or Disabled status for connection to this employee PC.
    Record Set this option if you need to save all screenshots to the archive
    Visibility Set this option if you need to inform user about monitoring
    Caption for this connection Domain-Login of the employee PC's user by default
    Group Choose one of 25 groups for this connection.
    Archive folder for screenshots The path to the archive for screenshots on the Admin's PC
    Source USB WebCam that connected to the employee PC or PC's screen (or dual-monitor). The webcam on 2nd channel option is for monitoring the screen and webcam simultaneously.
    Off-line REC mode You can set this mode and the Employee program will record screenshots or snapshots even the Admin program does not work. You will connect to any employee's PC and download all screenshots or snapshots.
    Capture interval The time interval to capture the screen of an employee's machine and record it into an archive (from 2 seconds upto 1 hour)
    Picture quality You can set the JPEG quality of screenshots from 5 upto 100%. More quality - more the screenshot file size.
    Audio You can set this mode and the Employee program will record voice from a microphone (1 is main) of the employee PC.
    Duration Duration of the mp3 audio file (from 5 upto 90 minutes)
  3. To delete the selected connection, click by right mouse button on it and select the Delete connection menu item.
  4. Groups of employees . You can create and use up to 25 groups to sort all employees. If you need to modify name of a group select menu Options->Settings, then click by left mouse button on the group and edit it.
  5. After you have correctly added and adjusted the connection, you may choose the observation mode:
    VIEW ONLY – without recording into an archive; the button in the toolbar
    RECORD – with recording into an archive; the button in the toolbar

    The status bar in the bottom of the screen will reflect a mode that is on at the moment; a number of the picture on the screen; and total number of screenshots in the archive of the selected connection. You may switch between the modes right during operation of the selected connection.
  6. The 'PAUSE' button allows to suspend the screen updating and view archive. If the 'RECORD' mode is on, recording will continue.
  7. - are the navigation buttons in the toolbar; they are intended to move along the screenshot archive of the selected employee PC. Also, you can use the keyboard keys: Left arrow(+Ctrl), Right arrow(+Ctrl).
  8. Menu Camera->Status allows to view the information about connections.
  9. The button in the toolbar turns on the full-screen view mode. The mode may be turned on by double clicking on the picture with the left mouse button. This mode provides with a feeling as if you are sitting in front of the employee machine's monitor. To exit the full-screen mode, left click anywhere on the screen.
  10. One screen button allows to view the one employee machine's monitor.
  11. Split-screen button allows to view several employee machines' screens simultaneously on the one admin PC's screen.
  12. Remote control button, press it, then press the 'F11' button to control or press the 'F12' button to exit from this mode.
  13. You can record voice from microphones, just connect a microphone into employee PC's soundcard. The program creates audio files in the 'Online' and 'Offline' modes as you wish, also it compresses an audio stream into mp3 format. Use audio settings in the connection settings to activate the 'audio recording' mode. To receive all audio files use the 'Audio receiver', connect to employee PC, then press the button and select the 'Get audio files from one employee PC' item.

    To play the files use the 'Audio player'. Just press button and select the 'Audio player' item. The player has standart buttons.

  14. Push button and you will can send any text messages to employees or group of employees.
  15. Push button to show the 'Off-line work time counter'. Connect to an employee PC, then push the 'Get' button to get all files with activity information, then click a date and see all activity information with work time of the employee.

  16. If you wish to save the selected screenshot to a disk as a JPG file, press button in the toolbar and save the file into any disk directory. Not available in the 'START' mode.
  17. If you wish to print out a selected picture, press button in the toolbar. Not available in the 'START' mode.
  18. You can view all screenshots through the 'External archive viewer' program (menu Browse->External Archive Viewer). It has an easy to use time filter for quick navigation.

  19. To delete any screenshots from the archive of the selected emplyee PC, press in the toolbar.
  20. If you wish to hide the 'HC Security Admin' program window to Windows tray, just push the button. Or Alt+H buttons.
  21. - exit, or Alt+F4 buttons.
  22. To set or change the admin's password, press menu Options->Admin's password.